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Please enroll for VISA PURCHASE ALERTS by clicking on the link to help monitor for potential fraud activity on your VISA debit or VISA credit cards. 

Security. Keep your account secure by getting alerts for transactions in real time and immediately identify potentially fraudulent activity.
Control. Take an active role by tracking spending and stay on top of account balances.
Convenience. Choose your alerts to what make sense for you.

Check the eligibility of the card by entering the first nine digits on the card.  If the card is eligible the    member will need to create an account.
     -The cardholder will register their mobile device and email. During the registration of the email address, a verification email with a code will be sent to the cardholder. That code needs to be entered to confirm the email address. During the enrollment of mobile phone number, a text message will be sent with the code that needs to be entered to verify the mobile number. All card information will then need to be entered and agree to the terms and conditions.
     -Members can then choose the alerts they would like to enroll in; options include international purchases, purchases reaching an amount threshold, purchases made on the internet and whether they want both an email and text.


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