July 30, 2015



If your address or phone number changes, you MUST inform the credit union. For security purposes, a temporary block will be placed on all Credit,  Debit, or ATM cards until the new information is obtained. There is a $10 fee for all returned mail. Thank You!



Vacation loan promo 2015



NEED to establish credit?

 NEED to rebuild your credit?

NEED money for an emergency? 
We can help with
*Approval is not based upon credit bureau report.
*Certain Restrictions apply.
*Maximum amount of $1,000.
*Maximum term of 12 months.

 Need to change your PIN?! 1-866-985-2273


 During normal business hours please contact the Credit Union  at 309-827-7266

After normal business hours please contact the fraud department at 1-800-523-4175






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